Sequence Protien

Nutrition that stacks up.

Sequence. A cutting-edge, specialty feed ingredient.

Introducing a clean, foundational ingredient that delivers greater feed performance and versatility in formulations with a lower carbon footprint.

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Novel 60% protein

made from a combination of corn and yeast.

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Fermented for intestinal health

delivering excellent and consistent digestibility.

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Sustainably made year-round

using proprietary technology.

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Excellent amino acid profile

for improved animal performance.

Biorefinery Workers

Made to raise the nutritional baseline of every ration.

Sequence is produced using a clean, proprietary fractionation technology that mechanically separates the fiber, fat, water and protein. By maximizing the availability of nutrition inside corn, Sequence delivers far more value than just a single ingredient.

Step 1


Renewable, local corn is received, tested and stored at our biorefineries.

Step 2


Corn is ground to a fine flour. Flour is then mixed with water and enzymes.

Step 3


Yeast is added to the mixture and ferments for 50+ hours with our designed process formula.

Step 4


Ethanol is carefully separated from the fermented mash.

Step 5


The corn protein and yeast are mechanically isolated without the use of any processing aids, additives or flocculants.

Step 6


A gentle drying process preserves quality so Sequence can deliver high digestibility and easy handling.

Formulate and feed with confidence.

Sequence has been scientifically evaluated across multiple species to ensure exceptional palatability, digestibility, growth and health performance.





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Sequence by the numbers.

General specifications

As is (%) As is (%)


7.4 As is (%)

Crude protein

60.7 As is (%)

Crude fat

4.2 As is (%)

Crude fiber

4.4 As is (%)


2.7 As is (%)

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The building blocks of superior nutrition.


  • Fermentation supports health outcomes such as:
    • Improved protein digestibility.
    • Increased number of small peptides.
    • Increased energy digestibility.
  • Proven minimal impact on fillet coloring in aquaculture applications.
  • Supports disease resistance.
  • Excellent handling and processing.


  • Produced consistently at scale with year-round access to renewable, plant-based ingredients.
  • No corn inputs come from forests converted to cropland per U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard regulations.
  • Reliable supply from a global leader with multiple production sites and a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.


  • Extensively tested in feed trials with leading research institutes and customers.
  • Sold commercially around the world.
  • Equal to or better performance versus high value plant-based feed ingredients in aqua/swine/pet feed trials.


What is Sequence?

Sequence is a foundational feed ingredient made from a combination of corn and yeast protein, concentrated at 60%.

How is it made?

Sequence is produced using clean, propriety technology that mechanically separates the fiber, fat, water and protein after the fermentation process.

Where is it produced?

Sequence is produced in our company-owned biorefineries located across the U.S.

What are the nutritional specs?

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Who is it for?

Sequence has been scientifically evaluated across multiple species. It is recommended for use within aquaculture feed and pet food applications, as well as livestock.

What makes Sequence a sustainable ingredient?

Every Sequence production site follows a process that’s been intentionally designed for low carbon intensity. We’re dedicated to reducing environmental impact by maximizing the efficiency of renewable resources.

How can I get more information about Sequence?

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